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Falling off the face of the planet seems to be a bad habit of mine. I'm so sorry this is late. ^^;

2012 Masterlist:

[personal profile] finchToo Many Highways; Original Fiction; Ben/Robin; PG-13

[personal profile] jazzficThe World in a Jam Jar; Black Books; PG

[personal profile] kirathauneShadowed Leaves; Saiyuki; PG

[profile] lady_krysisLive Life Like I Bleed (Too Much); x-Men: First Class; Alex/Darwin; R

[personal profile] meroureAll the Guns and Gasoline; Bandom; Charlotte/Z; R/NC-17

[personal profile] muir_wolfNot the End and Not the Start; MASH; Hawkeye/Margaret; PG-13

[personal profile] rroselavyThe Story of a Life; Original Fiction; PG

[personal profile] snowynightYo Ho Ho (But no Bottles of Rum); Marvel Comics; PG

[personal profile] trippy41A Chance to be Close to Another; Revenge; Nolan/Emily; R

[personal profile] starry_starrrzWhere I Want to Be; Tucker's Luck; Alan Humphries/Christopher 'Creamy' Eames; PG-13

This list will be updated as we receive additional stories during the amnesty period.


Your stop for the annual poetry fic challenge!

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