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Sorry I ran late today, but I'm super excited about our next poet!

Ho Xuan Huong!

Her work is full of innuendo and beautiful imagery, and I'm so excited to see what we'll make with her poetry as inspiration.


Ho Xuan Huong (胡春香; 1772–1822) was a Vietnamese poet born at the end of the Le Dynasty. She grew up in an era of political and social turmoil – the time of the Tay Son rebellion and a three-decade civil war that led to Nguyen Anh seizing power as Emperor Gia Long and starting the Nguyen Dynasty. She wrote poetry using Chu Nom (Southern Script), which adapts Chinese characters for writing demotic Vietnamese. She is considered to be one of Vietnam's greatest classical poet. Xuan Dieu, a prominent modern poet, dubbed her "The Queen of Nom poetry".

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Thank you guys for your patience, and I'm looking forward to this coming year! Please remember that—as always—the amnesty period is temporarily closed until February of 2017.


Your stop for the annual poetry fic challenge!

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