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Day 9:
And we both wrote poems we couldn't write
and cried together the whole long night
and fell in love with a delicate breath

Day 10:
Even so, I must admire your skill.
You are so gracefully insane.

Day 11:
I walk. I walk.
I hold matches at street signs
for it is dark,

Day 12:
However, nothing is just what it seems to be.
My objects dream and wear new costumes,
compelled to, it seems, by all the words in my hands

Day 13:
A penny for your thoughts, Princess.
I will hunt them like an emerald.

Day 14:
I am torn in two
but I will conquer myself.

Day 15:
and this is no dream
just my oily life
where the people are alibis

Day 16:
and there was a small rain
and she lifted her face to it
and thought it part of the river.


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