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Title: I Can Be Brave, Like You
Fandom: Modern Family
Author: [personal profile] jazzfic
Rating: PG-13
Pairing (if there is one): None.
Summary: One last family camp, that's what they were promised. And it will be. Except from the way the sky's turning the wrong color, and from what he finds living in the woods, it might be the last thing they do at all. So Luke pulls it together.
Content Notice: (skip) Character death.

Disclaimer: Modern Family isn't mine.
Author's Note: New fandom, and goodness knows I didn't set out to write something so bleak, but it was just the way the prompt leapt out. Even so, from me, this is dark. All my thanks to ishie for the beta.
Word Count: ~2,400

I Can Be Brave, Like You


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