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Day 25:
Out of the mournful sweetness of touching
comes love
like breakfast.

Day 26:
The lady of water, rising on the beach,
a piano at her fingertips, shame
on her lips and a flute's speech.

Day 27:
Still, I search these woods and find nothing worse
than myself, caught between the grapes and the thorns.

Day 28:
At last!
she cried out,
and locked the door.

Day 29:
although everything has happened,
nothing has happened.

Day 30:
You do not love anyone. She is not growing a boy;
she is enlarging a stone to wear around her neck.

Day 31:
they both die like waves breaking over me
and I am drowning a little,
but always swimming

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Day 17:
I open the eyes
and they go sick like dogs
with what they have seen.

Day 18:
I sit here on the spike of truth.
No one to hate except the slim fish of memory
that slides in and out of my brain.

Day 19:
I must always forget who one words is able to pick
out another, to manner another, until I have got
something I might have said…

Day 20:
the grass as bristly and stout as chives,
and me wondering when the ground would break,
and me wondering how anything fragile survives;

Day 21:
To love another is something
like prayer and can't be planned, you just fall

Day 22:
Now you grab me by the ankles.
Now you work your way up the legs
and come to pierce me at my hunger mark

Day 23:
From within the satin
And the suede of this inhuman bed,
Something cried, let me go let me go.

Day 24:
then they leave home on horseback
but God returns them on foot.
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Title: unpick the lock of your bones
Fandom: The Losers/Darker than Black
Author: [personal profile] lady_krysis/[ profile]lady_krysis
Rating: R
Character(s): Aisha, Fahd, Aisha's father
Summary: The world is always ending.
Content Notice: (skip) Graphic violence
Disclaimer: I do not own The Losers or Darker than Black or any of the characters or settings of either source, and I am not making any money from this piece of fanwork.
Author's Note: A bunch of thanks to [personal profile] lunesque for the beta. More detailed author's notes on the actual fic.
Word Count: ~ 1,270

unpick the lock of your bones (AO3)

unpick the lock of your bones (Dreamwidth)


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