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Title: keeps me from falling off the Earth
Fandom: Doctor Who
Author: pleonasm
Rating: G
Pairing (if there is one): original character gen
Summary: An archaeologist discovers a strange blue box, and keeps digging.
Content Notice: none
Disclaimer: Doctor Who is not my property.
Author's Note: Title from "Resignation" by Nikki Giovanni. Prompt: poetry_fiction: with hope we learn that man is more / than the sum of what he does / we also are what we wish we did / and age teaches us / that even that doesn't matter; also written for fic_promptly: Doctor Who, author's choice, centuries after the Doctor's final death, the records of the Doctor's many adventures are slowly uncovered
Word Count: 1811 words

keeps me from falling off the Earth
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Title: hold matches at street signs
Fandom: Criminal Minds / Doctor Who
Author: [personal profile] meroure
Rating: teen/pg13
Pairing: Amy Pond/ Spencer Reid
Content Notice: Content is usual to the both series.
Disclaimer: Nothing is real and nothing is owned.
Author's Note: Amnestied story for the July 2011 Comment Fic Challenge.
Word Count: 3166

Spencer Reid is used to tall-tales and improbabilities rooted in truth. Amy asks, "do you believe me?"

And he says, "yes," because he believes that in her mind the tales are real: of raggedy doctors, and blue boxes. Of boys who waited and daughters that grew old.

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